True full service.  It's in our name.

System Planning

We won't just sell you a radio, and we won't sell you equipment that's more than you need.  Whether it's starting a new system, adding to an existing, or upgrading an old one, we'll work with you to find the best options that fit your needs.  We'll even manage your licenses so you can stay legal and focused on your work.

Radio Sales

Whether it's a single used radio purchase, RFQ for large job, or small accessories order, we'll be ready to help.  And we won't just hand you a bill.  We'll make sure the part is compatible, the radio is programmed correctly, and that you've got everything you need so when your order arrives - you'll be ready to go.

Equipment Installation

Want that radio you just bought in your car?  Want that base station in your desk?  How about organizing that mess of a radio room?  Or do you just want some hands on training with your new equipment?  We can help with that.  Our work doesn't end when your order is placed.

Honest Service

Even the best equipment can break, and preventative maintenance is critical to ensure you won't have downtime or cause interference.  Plus, well cared for equipment has a higher resale value. Honesty is key here, and we won't lie about repair needs or costs - we'll even send you the broken parts if you want them back.

Radio Programming

Let's face it - your radios are basically computers.  And software updates are constantly being released.  They might already do those things you "wish it did" with the correct programming.  A well designed radio system doesn't just "talk", it can make everything more efficient.

Used Radio Sales

When it comes time to sell your old equipment, we can help.  Whether it be an outright purchase, trade in credit, or consignment, we can help get cash back to you.  And unlike most liquidators we'll also make sure you get top dollar by refurbishing or making repairs if cost effective.